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1 Skills

Unix/Linux/BSD shell environments
Multi-lingual (C/C++, Javascript, Forth, Rust, Asm, Wasm, … )
Operating Systems, Embedded Systems
Domain Specific Languages, Compilers, Debugging
Protocol Security, Application and Web Security
Databases and Server Administration
2D/3D Rendering
Software Licensing

1.1 Interests

Mesh Networks/Federation, Forth/Virtual Machines, IoT/SOCs/FPGAs,
InfoSec, Operating Systems, Free Software, Software Defined Radio,
Video Games, Communication Technology

2 Professional Experience

2.1 2016-Current System Admin - Ancient Arts - Irvine, CA

Part time webserver maintenance, security

2.2 2015-2017 Manager, Developer - Mihrtec LLC - Irvine, CA

Founded company with 13 members, managed and lead development for 2
years. Trained developers, designed software and specifications
implemented with C and Javascript utilizing WebRTC over HTTPS.
Oversaw company wind down after chief financial partner suffered
medical emergency and withdrew.

2.3 2009-2014 Independent App Development, Tutor - Lubbock, Austin, TX

Tutored students at UT Austin, developed independent applications
solicited online through, craigslist, etcetera.

2.4 2002-2009 Network Tech Contractor - OneSource, et al

Contracted with Dell, OneSource. Traveled to Texas, Michigan, North
Carolina, California, updating/installing networking equipment at
local companies and hospitals.

3 Projects

3.1 watForth

A forth kernel written in WebAssembly Text (WAT). This forth is an
ultra-portable binary for interop with common web portals.

3.2 KIAK (Kiak Isn't A Kernel)

Browser-based operating environment providing a Plan9-styled
filesystem with file-based abstractions for WebRTC/WebSocket
connections, I/O handlning, and server relay. Allows a web client to
act as a host for HTTP requests, and application hosting with clients
over WebRTC/HTTP.

3.3 APC (Asset Package Compiler)

A compiler written in C99 that reads file names as input strings,
translating the contents of those files into binary representations of
audio/visual data suitable for linking, loading to runtime memory, or
Documentation - STON (STatic Object Notation)
Implementation Source - APC (Asset Package Compiler)

4 Education

4.1 2012-2015 University of Texas - Austin, TX

Mathematics, Philosophy, Computer Science. ACM Member, researched
Game Theory, Quaternions, Compilers. Lead study groups, tutoring

4.2 2011 AI with Thrun and Norvig - Stanford MOOC

Intro to stochastic systems, completed in 95th percentile

4.3 2010-2012 Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX

Computer Science, Mathematics. ACM Member, completed CS core

5 Hobbies

Cooking & Nutrition, Martial Arts, Coffee Roasting

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